The 2011 UT Austin Conference on Learning and Memory provided an exciting new opportunity for neuroscientists to gather, share results and discuss new techniques, developments and directions in the neurobiology of learning and memory. The conference is a multidisciplinary, broadly based meeting on learning and memory with sessions covering molecular, synaptic, systems, computational and human studies. All interested attendees are welcome and graduate student and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to attend. We hope that this inaugural meeting will form the foundation for a scientific gathering that grows in magnitude and eventually becomes a bi-annual conference representing a major focal point for scientific discourse in the field.

The Center for Learning and Memory

The UT Austin Conference on Learning and Memory is hosted by The UT Center for Learning and Memory. In 2005 the University of Texas at Austin initiated a major program of growth in neuroscience. As part of this effort the Center for Learning and Memory (CLM) was created and Dr. Daniel Johnston was hired as its Director. CLM has a multidisciplinary focus on the neurobiology of learning and memory. In the past five years 12 new faculty members have been hired with backgrounds in disciplines including molecular biology, engineering, physiology, psychology, physics and computational biology and research programs addressing the study of learning and memory from levels of analysis ranging from molecules to humans. We believe this ideally positions CLM to host a meeting for multidisciplinary neuroscientists with the common goal of understanding human memory.