We’ll have hardcopies of the Program that includes the poster abstracts available at the Conference, but if you’d like to get a PDF version in advance, you can click here.

Conference Schedule

Friday, April 15th

Keynote Presentation and Cocktail Reception
AT&T Conference Center, Amphitheater 204
Sponsored by NeuroTexas Institute at St. David’s Health Care

3:00-4:00            Conference Registration, Amphitheater 204 lobby

4:00 pm            Susumu Tonegawa, MIT
“Neural circuit genetics of the hippocampal- entorhinal network”

5:30-6:15     Cocktail Reception, AT&T Conference Center Interior Courtyard

7:00-9:30    Lake Austin Dinner Cruise

Saturday, April 16th

Conference sessions will be held in the Norman Hackerman Building (NHB) Auditorium 1.720
Sponsored by Apple, NIH, Mind Science Foundation, Neuralynx, Praxair, VWR International, Zeiss

8:00-8:50    Continental Breakfast, NHB 24th Street Patio

Poster Session Open, NHB Lobby 1.400

8:50-9:00    Welcome
Dan Johnston, Director, Center for Learning & Memory

Session 1

Molecular approaches to the study of learning & memory

Moderator: Richard Aldrich, UT Austin, Department of Neurobiology

9:00-9:30            Alcino Silva, UCLA Department of Neurobiology
“Molecular and cellular mechanisms for memory allocation in neuronal networks”

9:30-10:00            Kimberly Huber, UT Southwestern, Department of Neuroscience
“Regulation of synaptic function and number by Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein”

10:00-10:30             Kimberly Raab-Graham, UT Austin, Department of Neurobiology
“Molecular mechanism of mTOR mediated suppression of Kv1.1 mRNA translation in dendrites”

10:30-10:50            Break

Session 2

Systems approaches to the study of learning & memory

Moderator: Ila Fiete, UT Austin, Department of Neurobiology

10:50-11:20             David Tank, Princeton University, Neuroscience Institute
Neural Circuit Dynamics in Mice Navigating in Virtual Reality”

11:20-11:50            Charles Wilson, UT San Antonio, Department of Biology
“Prospects for the striatum as a locus for storing memories of value and cost”

11:50-12:20            Michael Mauk, UT Austin, Department of Neurobiology
“Cortical persistent activity and trace eyelid conditioning: a working memory hypothesis”

            Buffet lunch, NHB 24th Street Patio

Poster session open and poster competition judging

NHB lobby 1.400

Session 3

Learning & Memory in humans

Moderator: Russell Poldrack, UT Austin,

Director, UT Imaging Research Center

2:00-2:30            Elizabeth Phelps, NYU, Department of Psychology
“Changing Fear”

2:30-3:00            Michael Rugg, UT Dallas, Center for Vital Longevity
“Brain circuits supporting recollection: fMRI studies”

3:00-3:30            Alison Preston, UT Austin, Department of Psychology
“Reactivation of prior experience during learning promotes the formation of relational memory networks”

3:30-3:50    Break

Session 4

Synaptic approaches to the study of learning & memory

Moderator: Helmut Koester, UT Austin, Department of Neurobiology

3:50-4:20            Gina Turrigiano, Brandeis University, Department of Biology
“The self-tuning neuron: homeostatic synaptic plasticity”

4:20-4:50            Kristen Harris, UT Austin, Department of Neurobiology
“Balancing synaptic weight during long-term potentiation”


Poster Speakers

4:50-5:05            Miriam Meister, UT Austin, Graduate Student
‘Dissociation of persistent memory activity and decision signals in parietal cortex of awake monkey”, Poster Abstract [4]

5:05-5:20            Loredana Stoica, Baylor College of Medicine, Graduate Student
“Selective pharmacogenetic inhibition of mTORc1 blocks long-term synaptic plasticity, memory consolidation and reconsolidation
Poster Abstract [23]


5:20-5:30             Wrap and announcement of poster competition winners
Dan Johnston, Director, Center for Learning & Memory

5:30-6:15            Cocktails in NHB lobby 1.400

Poster session open, NHB lobby 1.400

6:15-7:15                Buffet dinner, NHB 24th Street Patio