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The Memory Disorders Research Society is a professional society dedicated to the study of memory and memory disorders. Membership in the society is by invitation only. The society meets once every year. MDRS 2016 will be at Princeton University, September 28 – October 1.

Members of the MDRS are engaged in a broad range of basic and clinical research, with the general aim of determining how memory works and how it malfunctions. Information about some of this research can be found on the Membership page.

The MDRS was founded by the late Laird Cermak, and held its first meeting in Boston in 1989. For more on the history of the society, see the History of MDRS page. A travel award for postdoctoral fellows has been established in Cermak’s name, with generous support from Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Nature Neuroscience, and F1000.

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