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The MDRS was founded by Laird Cermak in 1988, with the inaugural meeting in Boston in 1989.

Archives of past meeting programs and other information are listed below.

Also see: Remembering H.M.


Laird Cermak (courtesy of Marlene Oscar-Berman)

Year Location Organizer(s) Documents
1989 Boston, MA Laird Cermak Formation of MDRS
Inagural Meeting Invitation
Original Membership List
1990 Boston, MA Laird Cermak Program
Letter from Larry Squire
1991 Boston, MA Laird Cermak Program
1992 Boston, MA Laird Cermak Program
1993 Boston, MA Laird Cermak Program
1994 Cambridge, MA Laird Cermak Program
1995 King’s College, UK Narinder Kapur Program
List of Attendees
1996 Cambridge, MA Laird Cermak Program
1997 San Francisco, CA Art Shimamura Program
1998 Cambridge, MA Laird Cermak Program
1999 Tucson, AZ Lynn Nadel Program
2000 Toronto, CA Program
2001 Boston, MA Program
2002 San Fransisco, CA Mark D’Esposito Program
2003 Chicago, IL Ken Paller Website
2004 New York, NY Wendy Suzuki and Liz Phelps Website
2005 Tuscon, AZ Lynn Nadel Program
2006 Toronto, CA Cheryl Grady and Morris Moscovitch Program
2007 Cambridge, UK Rik Henson Program
2008 St. Louis, MO Deanna Barch, Todd Braver, and Ian Dobbins Program
2009 Durham, NC Roberto Cabeza and Kevin Labar Program
2010 Evanston, IL Ken Paller, Paul Reber, and Neal Cohen Program
2011 Barcelona, Spain Jim Becker Program
2012 Davis, CA Charan Ranganath, Arne Ekstrom, Simona Ghetti, Beth Ober, and Andy Yonelinas Program
2013 Toronto, Canada Morgan Barense, Asaf Gilboa, Brian Levine, Shayna Rosenbaum, and Jen Ryan Program
2014 Austin, TX Ali Preston, Mick Rugg, and David Schnyer Program
2015 Cambridge, UK Jon Simons, Rik Henson, Lisa Saksida, Mike Anderson, and Tim Bussey Program
2016 Princeton, NJ Ken Norman and Nick Turk-Browne Website
2017 Chicago, IL Joel Voss and Ken Paller Program
2018 Toronto, Canada Shayna Rosenbaum, Jen Ryan, Andy Lee, Paul Frankland, and Asaf Gilboa Website
2019 New York, NY Mariam Aly, Lila Davachi, and Daphna Shohamy Website


If you have additional information to contribute to the historical archive of the society, please send it to Jarrod Lewis-Peacock at jalewpea@utexas.edu.