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The MDRS was founded by the late Laird Cermak, and held its first meeting in Boston in 1989. Starting in 2001, a travel award for postdoctoral fellows was established in Cermak’s name, with generous support from Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Nature Neuroscience, and F1000. In 2017, the travel award was extended to additionally honor the legacy of Sue Corkin in championing women in science. Each year, 1-3 outstanding postdoctoral researchers receive the Cermak-Corkin award and are invited to attend the MDRS annual meeting and give a talk.

Year Cermak-Corkin Award Winners
2001 Charan Ranganath
2002 Jon Simons
2003 Brian Gonsalves
2004 Kelly Giovanello
2005 Adam Gazzaley, Shayna Rosenbaum, Dara Ghahremani
2006 Donna Addis, Florin Dolcos, Joel Quamme
2007 Debbie Hannula, Indre Viskontas
2008 Rachel Diana, Melina Uncapher
2009 Yael Shrager, Joel Voss
2010 Elizabeth Chua, Elisa Ciaramelli
2011 Eve Attali, Andrea Greve
2012 Jarrod Lewis-Peacock, Bernhard Staresina
2013 Rosie Cowell, Jordan Poppenk
2014 Rosanna Olsen, Vishnu Murty
2015 Maureen Ritchey, Aidan Horner
2016 Matthias Gruber, Daniela Palombo
2017 Raphael Kaplan, Anna Schapiro
David Clewett, Jessica Robin
James Antony, Elizabeth Goldfarb