Dr. Nishiyama receives R01 Award from NINDS

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Dr. Hiroshi Nishiyama received a R01 grant from the NINDS for his project entitled “CNS Mechanisms of developmental synapse elimination”.  This project investigates how the precision of synaptic circuitry is created in the developing mammalian brain by observing the process in the intact, live animals.

Akram Bakkor receives a National Defense Science & Engineering Fellowship

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Akram Bakkor, graduate student in the Poldrack lab, received a National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship.  This fellowship supports Akram’s research project investigating the neural mechanisms underlying how learned behaviors are changed.  Using behavioral testing, modeling and fMRI analyses on human subjects the project will shed light on why habits can be so difficult […]

Dr. Boris Zemelman receives a Human Frontiers in Science Program Grant

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Dr. Boris Zemelman is the recipient of a Human Frontiers in Science Program Grant.  This grant entitled “In vivo functional imaging and high-resolution manipulations of hippocampal memory circuits” is a collaborative project that will investigate how the brain encodes and processes spatial memory.  Dr. Zemelman will use genetic tools for activation and silencing neurons and in […]