Support CLM

Our vision…

The overarching vision of the CLM is to create a self-sustaining research program that will ultimately reveal the brain mechanisms underlying learning and memory.  This is admittedly a bold goal however, we believe it is within our reach and the potential payoff to the society is enormous. Accomplishing this requires retaining our world-class faculty and offering our faculty the resources necessary to realize this goal. This includes providing state-of-the-art equipment as well as creating an atmosphere in which faculty are able to pursue audacious research endeavors that may not initially be supported by government funding agencies, as it is through creative, outside the box thinking that new breakthroughs are often achieved. In addition, we must provide the highest quality training possible for our students and postdoctoral fellows. Partnering with philanthropic individuals and organizations who share our vision is essential to this endeavor.

How you can help…

We invite you to join us as we march toward our goal to understand the mystery of learning and memory and unlock the brain’s most challenging, yet intriguing secret.  Seizing this scientific opportunity is simply not possible without philanthropic support. Your support allows us to use the funds committed by the University and the grant dollars brought in by our investigators to their fullest potential by providing for activities not supported or guaranteed by these sources.  Examples of current needs include:

  • Seed grant money to support bold and creative research initiatives
  • Chairs and Professorships to help retain our top faculty
  • Fellowships to support the best and brightest young graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at CLM