Lab Members

Principal Investigator
Nicholas Priebe Nicholas Priebe

I am interested in mechanisms underlying  response properties of neurons in primary sensory cortex using both electrophysiology and imaging in vivo.  As sensory information moves from the periphery to the cortex the representation of the world is systematically transformed. Understanding the basis for these transformations sheds light on how the brain makes sense of the complicated world in which we reside.
Post-Doctoral Scientists
 Baowang Baowong Li

My research interest is to understand the neural bases of visual perception in the visual cortex. Specifically, by using whole-cell intracellular recordings in the cortex of behaving animals, I aim to investigate the relationships between membrane potentials of single cortical neurons and perceptual decisions in detection tasks.
 Jason Jason Samonds 
jagruti  Jagruti Pattadkal

I am interested in understanding sensory transformations and their mechanisms in the visual system. I study this using in vivo two photon calcium imaging and in vivo intracellular recordings.

Graduate Students

dylan_picture  Dylan Barbera

I am interested how sensory systems compute and contextualize information about the observers environment. My research is focused on how the statistics of the environment change neural response properties (sensory adaptation) and how responses due to sensory stimulation interact with internal noise. To answer these questions, I record neural activity in visual cortex using in-vivo electrophysiology and two-photon microscopy.
Undergraduate Researchers
  Sarina Lieberman
Research and Technical Staff
  Allison Laudano
neurophysiology lab technician and manager
Carrie Barr
research technician
  Veronica Choi (former Ph.D. student) currently at SensEye
Chris Lee (former research technician) currently in medical school at UT Southwestern
Devon Greer (former research technician) currently a graduate student at Northwestern University
Mert Erdenizmenli (former research technician) currently in medical school at UT Medical Branch
Benjamin Scholl (former Ph.D. student) currently a post-doc at Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience.
Andrew Tan (former post-doctoral student) currently Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore.

Sari Andoni (former post-doctoral student) currently at SparkCognition.
Joe Corey (former M.S. student) currently at Agent Ace.
Deepankar Mohanty (former undergraduate researcher) finished at Baylor Medical School
Brandon Brown (former research technician)
Neda Shahidi (former research technician) currently a postdoc in Gottingen, Germany.
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