Journal club

5/5/2023, Mandi Severson- Behavioral strategy shapes activation of the Vip-Sst disinhibitory circuit in visual cortex

4/21/2023, Baowang Li- Suppressing feedback signals to visual cortex abolishes attentional modulation

3/24/2023, Sam Poelker-Wells- Selective representations of texture and motion in mouse higher visual areas

12/16/2022, Nicholas Priebe- Slow dynamics and high variability in balanced cortical networks with clustered connections

11/9/2022, Ronan O’Shea- Predictive coding in the visual cortex: a functional interpretation of some extra-classical receptive-field effects

10/28/2022, Mandi Severson- Orientation pinwheels in primary visual cortex of a highly visual marsupial

9/16/2022, Jagruti Pattadkal- Compound Stimuli Reveal the Structure of Visual Motion Selectivity in Macaque MT Neurons

9/2/2022, Carrie Barr- Novel stimuli evoke excess activity in the mouse primary visual cortex

8/18/2022, Nicholas Priebe- The Highly Irregular Firing of Cortical Cells Is Inconsistent with Temporal Integration of Random EPSPs 

8/4/2022, Baowang Li- Receptive fields and functional architecture of monkey striate cortex

7/22/2022, Sam Poelker-Wells- Receptive fields, binocular interaction and functional architecture in the cat’s visual cortex

6/24/2022, Mandi Severson- Receptive fields of single neurones in the cat’s striate cortex

6/9/2022, Jason Samonds- The Development of Receptive Field Tuning Properties in Mouse Binocular Primary Visual Cortex

5/27/2022, Jagruti Pattadkal- The Spectrum of Asynchronous Dynamics in Spiking Networks as a Model for the Diversity of Non-rhythmic Waking States in the Neocortex

5/13/2022, Carrie Barr- Cortically coordinated NREM thalamocortical oscillations play an essential, instructive role in visual system plasticity

4/15/2022, Mandi Severson- Reduced neural activity but improved coding in rodent higher-order visual cortex during locomotion

2/25/2022, Baowang Li- Spatial attention enhances network, cellular and subthreshold responses in mouse visual cortex

1/21/2022, Jagruti Pattadkal- Spontaneous traveling waves naturally emerge from horizontal fiber time delays and travel through locally asynchronous-irregular states

12/3/2021, Carrie Barr- Nucleus basalis-enabled stimulus-specific plasticity in the visual cortex is mediated by astrocytes

10/29/2021, Baowang Li- Reward-Related Suppression of Neural Activity in Macaque Visual Area V4

10/15/2021, Jason Samonds- A new type of mouse gaze shift is led by directed saccades

9/24/2021, Jagruti Pattadkal- Spatiotemporal constraints on optogenetic inactivation in cortical circuits