Current members of the Johnston lab


dan Daniel Johnston Dan is our scientific and intellectual leader. Although his administrative duties have put serious demands on his time, he remains intimately involved with all aspects of the various research projects in the lab. He always has time to offer valuable suggestions and comments to all of us.
  Rick Gray Rick has been part of Dan’s lab for a long, long time (He still has vacuum tubes for a Tektronix 502 oscilloscope in his desk). He’s interested in all aspects of the modulation of electrical activity in neurons. You can read more about his research, and his other science-related and personal interests on his webpage.
  Meagan Volquardsen. Meagan is the research technician for the Johnston & Brager labs. She manages the mice colonies, keeps the lab in working order & functions as a task “catch-all” for any experimental needs.  
Brandy Routh Brandy joined the laboratory in 2006. She does some experiments, publishes a paper, then takes time off to have a baby.  She’s repeated that sequence once again and is back in the lab doing experiments.