DOD/ARMY Alzheimer’s Disease Program (MRPRA)

Militarily-Relevant, Peer Reviewed Alzheimer’s Disease Program (MRPRA) – Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center.
Convergence Science Research Award (CSRA): W81XWH-13-MRPRA-CSRA
Military Risk Factor Research Award (MRFA): W81XWH-13-MRPRA-MRFA

Pre-application: 23 September 2013

Full Application: 16 December 2013
Application Instructions

Overarching Challenges: 

  • The paucity of research resources to examine the interrelationship between TBI and subsequent AD for military veterans that is suitable to inform or create large-scale clinical studies.
  • The need for technologies, tests, interventions or devices with the potential to diagnose AD at its earliest stages.
  • The identification and validation of clinical best practices to directly benefit individuals suffering from the symptoms of TBI or AD, while reducing care giver burden.

Focus Areas:

  • Imaging: Development of anatomic and molecular imaging strategies that will address the MRPRA Overarching Challenges.
  • Genomics/Proteomics: Genetic, Proteomic and epigenetic studies (or technologies) intended to develop research resources in accordance with the MRPRA Overarching Challenges.
  • Quality of Life: Technologies, tests, interventions, studies or devices that will positively impact the quality of life of those affected by the symptoms of TBI or AD as described in the FY12 MRPRA Overarching Challenges.
  •  Pathology of Tau: Novel research and technologies dedicated to unraveling the basic pathobiological mechanisms of Tau.


Convergence Science Research Award (CSRA): W81XWH-13-MRPRA-CSRA
Research funded through the CSRA is intended to generate research resources, tools, or validate research for professionals and practitioners in health sciences related to the MRPRA’s mission. Proposals which consider, characterize, or explore susceptibility factors (e.g. genetic, neuropsychological, or proteomic risk factors) of individuals to TBI and subsequent AD are strongly encouraged.

  • Up to 4 Awards
  • Up to $500K in direct costs
  • Up to 3 Year Period of Performance

Military Risk Factor Research Award (MRFA): W81XWH-13-MRPRA-MRFA
Intended to facilitate high-impact, systematic, population-based, research into the association between TBI and the subsequent development of AD. This announcement seeks proposals which will work with well-defined, already identified, study cohorts. Studies should demonstrate how they will characterize the association of TBI and subsequent AD. As part of the proposal writing process, applicants are requested to carefully consider how their studies will characterize the cognitive and behavioral symptoms that result in functional impairments in the proposed cohort. Studies that use combinations of measures (e.g. neuropsychological assessments, imaging, genomics, and cerebral spinal fluid) are encouraged to apply. Investigators should consider developing interdisciplinary teams or consortia as part of the support plan for executing the research.

  • 1 Award,
  • Up to $5.5M, inclusive of all costs
  • Up to 4 Year Period of Performance
  • Requires expedited access to suitable cohort

For questions related to the program, please contact the MRPRA Program Manager, Dr. Anthony Pacifico (