Dr. Tracy Wang, postdoc in Lewis-Peacock Lab, receives NINDS fellowship

Dr. Tracy Wang, a postdoctoral fellow in the Lewis-Peacock lab, was awarded an F32 fellowship from NINDS for her research project entitled ” Investigating the contributions of neural competition to intention forgetting and real-time neurofeedback”. The research will investigate the neural mechanisms underlying forgetting by testing whether interference arising from the co-activation of memories mediates the influence of top-down cognitive control in intentional forgetting. We will assess the extent to which neural competition in ventral temporal cortex as well as other neural regions can be promoted to selectively weaken memories through direct behavioral motivation, and whether this mechanism can be utilized using closed-loop neurofeedback. Understanding the mechanisms of intention forgetting could potentially enable the development of therapeutic treatments for memory impairments associated with amnesia, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease.