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At the Preston Lab, we use a combination of behavioral and brain imaging techniques to explore how we form new memories, how we remember past experiences, and how our memory for the past influences what we learn in the present.

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Kids, Teens & Parents

Are you Interested in how your brain works? We are actively recruiting kids and teens for our studies of memory development  to learn more about how the brain changes as we grow up and how children and adolescents remember new things.

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From studies of memory development to how memories influence our decisions, there is a lot going on at the Preston Lab. View our scientific papers:

Asynchronous development of memory integration and differentiation influences temporal memory organization

Coughlin, C.*, Pudhiyidath, A.*, Roome, H. E., Varga, N. L., Nguyen, K. V., & Preston, A. R

Developmental Science, 00, e13437


Representations of temporal community structure in hippocampus and precuneus predict inductive reasoning decisions.

Pudhiyidath P*, Morton NW*, Viveros Duran R, Schapiro AC, Momennejad I, Hinojosa-Rowland DM, Molitor RJ, Preston AR

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 34(10) 1736-1760


Spatial preposition use predicts children’s spatial map formation

Kim Nguyen, Hannah Roome, Christine Coughlin, Katherine Sherrill, Alison Preston


Schema, Inference, and Memory

Nicole L. Varga, Neal W. Morton, Alison R. Preston

Oxford Handbook of Human Memory

About Our Lab

The Preston Lab is a cognitive neuroscience lab made up of researchers and students at The University of Texas at Austin. Led by Alison R. Preston, Ph.D., the lab studies how kids, adolescents, and adults acquire and retain knowledge.

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Congratulation Ayesha!

Congratulation Ayesha!

March 27, 2024

Congratulations to graduate student Ayesha Nadiadwala on the successful defense of her dissertation. Co-mentored by Dr. Alison Preston and Dr. Joey Dunsmoor,  Dr. Ayesha Nadiadwala has spent her time at the University of Texas at Austin focused on the intersection between emotion and memory. Congratulations on this monumental achievement! ... Read more » Congratulation Ayesha!

Congratulations Neal!

Congratulations Neal!

May 11, 2023

Congratulations to post-doctoral fellow Neal Morton, who will be starting a faculty position at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee this Fall! Neal’s lab will use neuroimaging and modeling to examine how the brain organizes memory to reflect knowledge about the world and aid reasoning. ... Read more » Congratulations Neal!