• The Golding Lab

    Investigating how neural circuits are shaped by experience…

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  • The Monfils Lab

    Investigating how fear associations are learned and stored in memory…

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  • The Lewis-Peacock Lab

    Using functional imaging to investigate how memory interacts with attention, cognitive control and learning…

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  • The Mauk Lab

    Building biologically realistic computer simulations of the brain…

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  • The Aldrich Lab

    Working to understand the molecular machines that generate and process information in the brain…

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About the Center

The Center for Learning and Memory (CLM) is a basic research center comprised of neuroscientists with the shared goal of elucidating the mechanisms that govern learning and memory.

Memory matters.  A lot.  It is one of the qualities that makes us human.  It is thus a cruel fact that many diseases that impact brain health, including Alzheimer’s, addiction, depression, traumatic injury, epilepsy and stroke, affect learning and memory and place a staggering burden on society in terms of human suffering and economic impact.

Given these costs to society, CLM’s research is unquestionably for and about our daily lives and public health.  Research at CLM builds the foundation of knowledge about the brain that is essential for understanding disorders of learning and memory.  Our goal is to begin to understand, at a fundamental level, what it means to be human.

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Nishiyama Lab Spotlight

Nishiyama Home

The Nishiyama lab has developed an innovative, non-invasive time-lapse vital imaging technique used to investigate synaptic remodeling in the intact mammalian brain…

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