Community Values

The Center for Learning & Memory at UT Austin is dedicated to providing a community that supports the well-being and advancement of every member.  We are committed to an environment that combats prejudice, hostility, or discrimination toward any culture or group and that prioritizes the mental and physical health of all our members.

Unraveling the mechanisms that govern learning and memory and cognitive disorders is a bold endeavor.  Making progress on this goal will only happen by taking advantage of the broad array of perspectives, backgrounds, contributions, and life experiences of every individual in our community.  To support this, The Center for Learning & Memory aspires to a culture in which all members of our community have access to resources and opportunities needed to grow and succeed.   We firmly believe that the workplace is enriched when all members of our community are valued and welcomed.
As part of our commitment to these principles, in 2021 The Center for Learning and Memory became a signature on the ALBA Declaration.  The ALBA Declaration aims to raise awareness of challenges faced by certain groups in brain sciences and to provide a concrete set of actions that individuals and institutions can commit to in order to make their organizations welcome to all.  It was conceived of by the ALBA Network, which was founded by a group of leading neuroscientists to support the potential of all members of the brain sciences community.