Research at The UT Center for Learning & Memory is geared towards providing ground-breaking discoveries of the brain mechanisms underlying learning & memory and translating this knowledge 

towards better understanding and treatments for brain disease. Philanthropic support of these efforts helps to maximize the impact of our research mission. Areas of use where private donations have the most impact include:       

  • Supporting graduate student stipends and postdoctoral fellowships.  The Center for Learning and Memory faculty are training the next generation of world-class neuroscientists.  Investing in trainee stipends supports graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are launching their research careers and will become leaders in their fields. 
  • Providing funds for pilot research programs that are not typically supported by traditional funding sources.  This includes funds to spearhead outside the box research ideas that explore higher-risk frontiers.  Such projects have the potential to mature into NIH funded research projects that transform our knowledge about the neuroscience of learning & memory.
  • Supporting Memory Matters, our bi-yearly public outreach and education event.  
We look forward to working with you to ensure that your contribution meets your philanthropic vision.